Hey guys

few weeks ago i started thinking about a new kinda project that i wanted to do.
my last project, my RG has been delayed due to some parts i still need and school etc...

So out of boredom started looking on ebay and came along some fun parts, so i decided, het lets do a strat project

parts i bought off ebay:

Old body that needs alot of work:

neck with tuners and trem:

had some leftover parts from other things i did aswell such as neckplate, strap pins...

BUT, i can't decide how it should look :l
what do you guys think?



I kinda like gray
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i like the blue, its different
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I kinda like gray

Yeah, the gray one looks really nice.
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blue strat all the way, i say sitting at the computor with a blue sunburst strat in my lap
Cream, with a 3ply cream/black/cream pickguard

EDIT: No, **** that, 5 ply, c/b/c/b/c
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White with a white pearloid pickguard and black hardware would be pretty sweet. Out of the choices you gave I would pick the blue one because it's different and interesting.

EDIT: Aged pearloid would look awesome on the grey guitar

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ok so today i spend some time rethinking the design.
It'll be grey with the pearl pickguard and black hardware.

pickups will be 2 single coils and 1 humbucker from irongear.

This is an idea i had for headstock logo