Hi everybody,

I am a Norwegian guitarist, 29. I have a website www.jonm.no where you can hear some of my music. I have many demos there and have also just made new CD that is coming in a couple of weeks, "From the Heart". The great sax player Eric Marienthal (he's played with Lee Ritenour, Chick Corea, Elton John and many more) plays with me on 3 songs. I have 2 instrumentals on the album, one song with Norwegian lyrics and the rest with English lyrics. My influences are among others Frank Gambale, Brent Mason, John Scofield, Greg Howe and many more. I play rock, pop, country, jazzrock and more stuff. Would be great if some of you would check out my music and maybe let me know what you think :-) And I have to admit, this is of course for promoting my new CD also. I've had the album mixed in a professional studio and I am really satisfied with the result.

Would be nice to get to know other guitarists from around the world here. I am new to forums (maybe you sense that).

Jon Martin