Superb playing mate. How did you get that many subscribers, and that many views on some videos, so quickly? I'm srt of plodding along with videos losing momentum at around 120 views, and I've no idea what to do to push them up.

You're officially one of the best guitarist out there and one of my biggest favorites. Dot.
Wow!!! Myself being a HUGE BDM fan, I can by all means say excellent job. I've covered a song or two by them and trust me, I know how complex they can be, but you not only played perfectly in time with the song, but also played the song cleanly, with a lovley tone. I love it! ^.^
thx a lot guys!^^ rly appreciated!
@gu1tark1d first of all i was very lucky with 3 of my videos because they landed on the band pages(trivium and darkest hour)!that got my a lot of views! then i started with better audio quality and afterwards video quality!thats a huge factor i would say!well and the last thing is that i do covers by ear so the songs are pretty new and there not that much covers of it cause there no tabs
hope i could help you!
Holy crap man ! I just ENVY your clean picking quite frankly God damn nice job!
and awesome playing too mate. the playing and transcription were absolutely perfect.
however, i don't think your audio quality does you awesome guitar playing enough justice- its too muddy. other than that you KILLED it! good luck for the future

mind checking out my dream theater cover i did live?
Kala eisai kai o prwtos! Exeis poly kalo ayti, de xwra amfibolia, egw de mporw na bgalw oute tiin pio apli melwdia. Mprabo!
Hey man, thanks for the comment! This cover was tight dude (again :P), the only thing that bothered me was that the audio was clipping. good jobz!