I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now.
I've only ever had one electric guitar. Which is an Ibanez GSA60, a pretty cheap guitar, I know. But it was ok at the time.
Now im looking for a new guitar.
Something with a great sound quality, tone and clearness. I'm actually thinking about getting a 7-string. 24-frets. With a 350-910 price range.
To me John Petrucci's guitars sound just perfect. So should I buy one of his signature models?

Any suggestions??

The Sterling by MM petruci is a very nice budget axe, but I have only played the 6 string version. The build quality is better than most imports, and the p/u's sounded pretty good for the price.
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ESP guitars are just perfect for me.. but I think Petrucci is a nice choise

6-string or 7-string?
You can do a lot of cool stuff and music with a 7-string, and it is very exciting