Hi I’m a new user to Ultimate Guitar today however I have used Ultimate Guitar to find my guitar pro tabs for a while but recently I’ve been looking further into creating my own solo patterns and generally trying out new things. I've really been drawn to pentatonic scales, however I’m having trouble extending them and linking different types of scales together naturally. I've tried Google to find some videos about the different concepts of these scales but always get confused in the explanations i find, if anyone has any theories, guides or just links that I could follow which will talk me through pentatonic scale concepts it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid this is kinda off topic... but I'll try to help anyway.
The notes in the Pentatonic scales, can be found in the original scale, for example:
A minor: A B C D E F G A.
A minor Pentatonic: A C D E G A

All the Pentatonic scale is, is 5 notes (penta=five) off the 7-note scale.
These extra intervals gives the scale a different feeling, and is a very common scale too.
Also, this means you can play the pentatonic scale over the original scale where the notes comes from.

The next step from Pentatonic scales are Arpeggios, which is 3-note scales, and the most important notes in the scale.
Hope this helps!
Thanks! I guess because i started teaching myself nearly 2 years ago I just jumped in the pool at the deep end as i learned solo's from songs and sweeps before i even got to chords, scales etc.

Thanks again