So I recently figured out what an FX loop is and started buying individual pedals. So heres what I have, Im just not sure what order the pedals in the FX loop need to be in. I have two over drives a distortion and a wah. Sorry picture is to wide I guess...wont go sideways just save it and open it I guess . I do mostly blues and classic rock so I figured the over drives could be used in series or something....no idea how it really works so any help would be great.

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I think the wah is best after the tuner, not in the FX loop
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You don't want your distortions in the FX loop. you want them in front of your amp. Your set up should go Guitar-tuner-wah-distorton/over drive-amp. You normaly use the FX loop with pedals like Delay,chours,EQ. there is a thread in this very topic if you do a search.
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all of those pedals don't go in an fx loop. what does go in an fx loop is stuff like chorus delay and reverb
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Ohhh ok so before it. Sweet I had my RP500 in the FX loop and it sounded good so I assumed the overdrive/distortions wouldn't be that bad. Thanks, I had no idea and im glad I posted.
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Multi-effect units work differently than stomp boxes. Dirt pedals - individual units - are designed for the front end and should never be used in the loop without careful thought and research. In fact, you can seriously damage your amp if you place a very hot pedal in the loop of your amp and crank the controls.

Also, why did you choose the most generic and commonly despised pedals? Wouldn't it be better to invest a little more and find a set-up that was worthwhile and wouldn't suck your tone? I have no problem with mass-produced products if that was all that was available, but it's not. We're currently blessed with hundreds of companies that make far superior products at only a slight increase in cost.

For instance, the Fulltone OCD and MI Audio Crunch Box offer solid Marshall-esque tones for very cheap, while building your own TS9 from GGG or BYOB boards for half the price of the one you want will give you everything you already have listed above but with more reliability and more pleasing tonal qualities across the entire spectrum.
IMO, the SD-1 (especially with the bleed mod) and Vox wah are pretty solid

But as Angry Goldfish said, make your own Tube screamer
Oh, and the DS-1? You don't wan't a DS-1
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