I'm looking for a Les Paul shaped guitar, to play metal. So bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive.

My current amp is a Line 6 Spider IV, but i'm getting a Peavey 6505 soon.

Budget is £300

ESP Eclipse
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Go for an ESP Eclipse but don't go for the EC-50. Agathis isn't a great body wood. At the least get an EC-256 but I would suggest saving up for an EC401.

Have a look for some used deals.
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Is there any makes apart from ESP that are good? For example any that aren't as well known?



My friends got one of these, and I have no clue what [funky sign]300 is in american monies, but it kicks ass for metal if you got a metal muff, some chorus, and a decent amp plugged up to it.
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Ibanez ART series, but I don't really know if they're the "Metal" guitar you want.
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