So I cant find where these guitars are made, I saw one at a local music shop for $400 and was wondering if its worth a buy? I just want to know where they are made and if the pickups are great or if they need replacement. Any help is helpful
Made in Korea, very nice guitars
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I don't think they make them any more, but they're nice guitars for the money.
The guitar is great. Active piezo along with it i believe, and the pickups are a good stock pickup imo. For $400 its worth it for sure.
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They're great. There are different models of them though. Try to find the early ones with the Wilkinson, or the V with the proper Parker bridge. The others have a crappier trem and weaker piezo.
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Thanks everybody, I bought it on layaway so now I have to wait until I get my paycheck sometime i the next two weeks This one said made in Indonesia which had me pretty worried until I played it and looked it over, it is one sexy beast and probably one of the best things Indonesia has ever produced After I get my paycheck Im gonna slap some Wilkinson Locking tuners on that beotch and Im good to go
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