I'm a relative noob and considering getting a second guitar now I'm progressing and have a few qs for the UG collective. It's about messing with sounds and tunings and stuff.

I like metal - iron maiden, tallica and bmfv to name a few. currently have a dk2 and a 6505 combo.

I like the look of the ltd ec401 and ec1000 with emgs. From what I understand about scales these are a shorter scale than my dk 2. Does this make them more or less suited to a heavier gauge of string and drop tunings or less so?

Also, if anyone has real world experience of either of the two models, is the 1000 worth £200 more than the 401? How does the neck compare to a Jackson neck?
I've never fiddled much with scale lengths but I could imagine a shorter scale length means flappier strings => Not better for detuning. But you could just get thicker strings and there would be no problem.
If you're going to do lower tunings (drop B, drop C, etc), I would recommend going with a bit thicker gauge of string. The thicker strings also have the benefit of helping your fingers to become stronger.

The EC1000 is a much better guitar in terms of quality and components, I would highly recommend going with the 1000. The guitar has unbelievable quality for its price. If you prefer the DK 2's body style over the LP style, you could also look into the LTD H or LTD MH series.

Neck-wise everyone has their preferences. The only Jackson I've ever played on is a custom shop that one of my friends owns and that would be an unfair comparison because the guitars are miles apart both in quality and price.

I would recommend trying the guitar out in a shop before you buy it. The neck is a bit thinner than a Gibson LP, closer to an Ibanez neck.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!
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Thanks - am I right in thinking thicker strings would be less floppy?
What gauge would you recommend?

Will def also check the m and mh series. Never played a lp body style before. Really hope I like the neck cos I don't want to buy a dkmg as that'd be very boring of me lol
The difference between the 2 scales only becomes apparent if you're tuning the guitars to drop b. If you play alot of lead stuff higher on the neck the smaller length does make it less comfortable unless you have the hands of a small child.

That said, 24.75" scale guitars tend to have a warmer sound as the tension on the strings is less relative to a 25.5" neck, making them a little more suited to rhythm playing. Just try one out before you buy anything and you should be able to decide.
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Ok, thx mate. Are there any other guitars that you think I should try out in maybe a bigger scale. Similar price, fixed bridge and emgs?