Evening all,

It's been YEARS since I posted on here, but I thought I'd share something I wrote not so long ago, inspired by a few basic classical guitar pieces I tried to learn, to vary my style a bit. (You can also see one of them, 'Gran Vals', on my channel - though I need to do a new recording of that as it's not great & the chorus effect is way OTT).


As you can see it's not got a proper title yet, nor any lyrics, but I liked the chord progression as soon as I came up with it. Another thing I'll try to post soon is a nearer-perfect version of this tune itself, on the guitar - having a Guitar Pro file up there is all well and good but it's a bit of a letdown compared to the real thing.

Hope you enjoy listening!

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Zeletros, that's cause I've got it set to Jazz Guitar or Clean Guitar or some variant of either - when I first wrote it it was on the acoustic & sounded like classical guitar. Even now I think it sounds a bit like something for harpsichord - sort of like the Beatles song "Because"
Cheers Darren

I've listened to the 5 tracks you've got in your main MP3 section (so, as far back as your fifth recording ever) - I definitely prefer the style of 5th, 6th and 7th recordings to the latest one, which seems a bit samey and formulaic. Like mine, though, it probably sounds different in your head, so it's hard to judge it on the limited equipment you've got. The older ones have some really nice touches though, decent chord progressions, and nice lead guitar as well. Keep up the good work!