I have a question about keeping fingers close to the neck while playing, since ive heard it will helps with playing the music im into. (I like most music)

I´ve seen this exercise where you do the basic chromatic 5678 then next string and the same, but with this one you keep your fingers down till it needs to move.

Example. play 5 with index, then 6 middle, 7 with ring and 8 with pinky.

Play 5 on next string with index but KEEP the other fingers on their spot, then move down middle and play 6 (keep ring and pinky on the previous string) then move down ring and play 7 on the next string etc.

I wonder if this really works and will teach my fingers to stay close to the neck, cause then i will do it.

And for the guys that´s gonna say "Try it for a couple of days and see for yourself", i can´t. I have a 2 hour schedule i try to keep to each day and got no more time to practice.

Thanks in advance guys!
it should help if not at least help with your dexterity

we cant say for sure if a practice technique will work for you casue you everyones different but i know id at least try it