sounds like BSSM era RHCP with some zach wylde pinch harmonics thrown in.

I like it a lot, but it's very quiet and the vocals could use some work.
Ok here we go on a lil bass-excurion. JUS GROOVIN NBD GUYS! Now the guitar will join in with the WEE WEEOOOOHH!! Ok we goin , let's see what happens next. VOCALS are not mixed in a way that is STANDARD! But maybe that is your thing. My only regret of this track is i dont get to hear some words!! Anyway, the groove is pretty tight but I feel like all that crash cymbal is maybe DETRACTING A BIT OF THE GROOVE!! The drummer isn;t REALLY GROOVING but merely WATCHING THE GROOVE HAPPEN! Good work though and keep grindin!

share da luv, bruv!

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