checking the clocks at every corner
i know its out place
but it's a way to escape
it's those three words i think i fell in love with
and fell for
but i dont believe it anymore
i ate your name yesterday
when, like sheep, we rode from town to town
between holes in conversation
the closet is full of the places i'll never go
but i cant stand it anymore
take heart and stay true
i guess i'll forget the things i thought i knew
i know you're out of breath
but it's a risk soaked in favours
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i have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA of what the message is.

anyway, you should split it on verses and a chorus
Poetry is also allowed in this forum, and poetry does not need to be structured. In fact, neither do lyrics. If the writer feels a chorus, for instance, would not benefit the piece then he/she can leave it out.
This actually is a song, there's just no set chorus with the lyrics. I have a melody that repeats itself with different lyrics. And about the message thing, i didnt write it with a message in mind, more of just an emotion. But I guess you'd need to ehar the song for that. Thanks for reading though!