hello friends

i am looking into building a home recording studio, like 20 million other posters here.

i have come across a small question,

i have a line6 spider iv 30 watt amp. and now i want to record some music with my guitar! so i was wondering if it will be a good choice for me to get a shure sm57 mic, and an pod studio UX2?

i will mic my amplifier, and then the mic will go into the pod studio UX2, and then to my computer via usb into Cubase. I wanted to ask if the pod studio ux2 is built for such a thing?

i have been searching on the internet for hours and cannot find a good answer!

some help would be greatly appreciated to a fellow guitarst and fellow musician. peace out brothers and sisters
will it be a better choice to use the mic or should i just direct plug in my guitar into the POD Studio UX2 and use POD FARM to get the right tone? please help if you have any experience in this!
It will most likely be a better idea to go straight into the UX2. I highly doubt the sound you'll get out of that amp will be worth the extra $100 over using amp sims. You can get some very impressive sounds these days going through a computer. If you're ONLY doing electric guitar, you could even get away with the UX1 and no mic. If you plan on later adding other instruments or vocals, I'd get the UX2 as it will be easier to expand your setup with down the road.