Okay listen up!

I'm looking for a good acoustic guitar. Not electro-acoustic, acoustic. And anything besides Martin, because i can't afford a D-35 which I want oh so badly

So, any suggestions?
budget? location?
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well budget is from around 400-600 i would say. croatia, but that doesn't play a significant role
What style of music do you play? Also, what currency is your budget in? US dollars? Euros? Exchange rates can significantly influence recommendations. And is no electronics a requirement or a cost-cutting measure? Finally, what is the Croatian guitar market like? Will you have to import from the US/UK or is there a sufficient supply within Croatia?
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not sure what you get out that way. if you were in the u.s., i'd say go with blueridge or eastman or recording king. blueridge and recording king make guitars based on classic martins, and here their all solid models would come in within $600 with a little shopping around. eastman guitars are stunning, truly amazing bang for the buck, and though their sound is more their own and a little less like martins than the other two brands, they sound great. their 400 and 500 series are findable within the price range, also.
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I play blues. Rory Gallagher style,Muddy Waters etc etc...400-600 dollars,that would be. Well i can order from amazon or ebay, so it's not too much of a trouble. No electronics is only a requirement, i would love just an acoustic guitar.

I could order, but i have a fender shop nearby...so is their cd-280s any good?