So pit which do you think is worse having no father to look up to or a bad one. I for one think a bad father is worse.
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How bad? Doesn't take you to ball games bad or beats you with a shovel bad.

Beats you with a shovel at the ball game bad.
I've never known my dad. My step dad's been around since I was 5 or 6 though, and is a complete ****. I've pretty much been pushed out of the "family" in my household. Just treated like a hermit who needs feeding once a day.
my father was a hypocrite. classic rock was totally okay with him, but then anything hard that i listened to was of the devil!

a cheater, a hypocrite, a liar, an abuser, a drunk...and to top it all off, an Aryan who looks exactly like a certain church-burning norwegian thug.

i'd rather no father than that!
I rarely see my dad because he cant afford to feed me and my brother.
As a Father, hes great, as a role model for making money, not really.

It really depends on what good and bad qualities he has.
Having no father to influence you as a child is bad, but it's worse having a father who influences you negatively.
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Having no father to influence you as a child is bad, but it's worse having a father who influences you negatively.

This. But only if it's an actual bad father. "Bad" is subjective.

I'm lucky, and have an awesome dad.

After my mum broke up with my dad I had three step dads that physically abused me, mostly just hitting to various extents but one of which put fags out on me, pierced my ears with a needle and injected me with heroin which he himself was trying out recently. All before I was 6. I'd rather have had no father, if I couldn't have my actual dad, than any of those cunts.

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Damn.... and I thought MY dad was ****ed up, lol.
The above is most likely sarcasm, so fuck yourself if you're offended.
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Probably the bad one.
Simply so he can raise a crazy-ass child.

Never had a father though, so I don't really know rofl.

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I think it would be worse to have a "bad" father. My dad grew up without a father, and as cheesy as it may sound, the guy is my hero. He's beaten great odds to get to where he is today.
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I'd have to go with no father. Even with out one, there can still be positive male role models in a child's life. Having a bad father can send the wrong message to a kid. A boy might think bad behavior is normal and a girl might see men differently because of her father's actions.
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I don't know, since you are often a repeat of the environment you grow up in, I'd say no father is less hurtful towards you growing up and being a productive member of society, assuming you have a good mother.
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Bad father is worse
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I'd say having no father is better than having a bad father, although I wouldn't know since i've never known mine. He left when I was 1.

We need a UG group for this shit. Seems like so many people here don't have fathers.
I guess I'd say bad dad. I mean, no dad means no role model. A bad dad is a bad role model. Bad role model is worse than no role model.
I find that girl with abusive father who died are most likely to put out easily, second to them are girls with bad fathers, last are girls with dead fathers.
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Having no father to influence you as a child is bad, but it's worse having a father who influences you negatively.

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I had the fortune of both! my real father left when I was little and my stepdad is a right cunt.

I think I'd be better off without a bad father figure. Not that the fag taught me anything worthwhile.
I think a bad father is worse. Cause at least without a father, there wouldn't be a bad father to influence the child and make them think that being a bad father is normal.
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