hi there,
i tryed and watched so many youtube covers but i still can't get the rest to play of this song:


the intro is pretty easy, but i can't get the tuning for the rest of the song. i simply don't know which strings and in which order i should play them. the chords aren't that difficult, but i'm not really a pro who can just improvise to get these chords sounds good ^^

i'd really appreciate if someone could help me by telling/showing me a tuning (is that the right word for the "pattern/order to play the strings"?? sry for the rest of the song.

btw. pretty cool live vid of mads:

cover with playing the chords/tabs from ug (sry i cant get it just from watchin...)

thank you!
Ok man I just watched the original and your cover back to back.

First of, the tab you were looking at is wrong because the capo is supposed to be on the fifth fret, not the sixth fret, if you watch your video and the original you can clearly hear that youre playing and singing half a note upward from the original.

So take it half a step down.

Secondly, I know that theres a certain hype with playing everything "right" and by the book but there is no real point to it, because your version sounds just as good as the original, if not better.

Improvising is much more interesting and impressive than being able to play it from a tab, and by the looks of it, you got it down real good, so dont always look at tabs, try the creative approach of finding something that sounds as good or even better than the original, cause trust me, there always is.

Youve done a really good job so far.
aaaaah.... i wish it was "my cover" ^^

if i could play it like the "cover guy" i wouldnt ask for any help.

so here is my problem:
if i play this tuningfrom ug it does only sound right for the intro. but not the rest.

G-----0--------------2---------| x2

if you can help me figure out how i should play the rest of the song like the "cover guy" does, then i think i can get it finally to work ^^ thank you for your respond =))
Well he uses the forms for the C chord, then the G major, then A minor, then E minor,He also uses this chord which is like an F minor but is played with the open first string instead of the first fret on the first string.

Most of the time he just fingerpicks the 2nd, 3rd and 4th string for each chord, except for the G major where he sometimes plays the sixth string instead of the fourth.

He plays the G major chord in a (at least for me) peculiar fashion, the 3rd fret on the sixth string is held with the ring finger, the 2nd fret on the fifth is held with the middle finger, and the 3rd fret on the 1st string is held by the pinky.This allows him to use his 2nd finger (forgot its name dammit) to press the first fret on the 2nd string.Just watch the video and youll see when he does it.

I hope that this is enough for now.Ill try to analyze it further a bit later.

Also the capo should really be on the fifth frets.I dont know the studio version of the song, but in the "live" version which you showed us the capo is on the fifth frets.

Chords are made in such a fashion that whichever combination of strings you pull in one chord it always sounds good so really just find something that sounds good.
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