Hey all,

I'm looking for a new toy and am going back & forth over a used Epi Joe Pass Emperor for $450/bo or a new Ibanez AG or AGR for about the same $$. Just looking for an inexpensive guitar to try and build jazz chops. Opinions are welcome, esp from those that might have experience with either/both. TIA
Now I've never played an Epiphone Joe Pass but I have played their other hollowbody models (the Dot, the Sheraton, and the Casino) and I was blown away by them, enough that I have assured myself that my next guitar will be an Epiphone Dot. I've played the hollow and semi Ibanez model and they were okay.

Granted I don't play jazz, but still the Epi's were great guitars.
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Thanks guys. I wasn't sure which brand might be a better build quality, but the few guys I've talked to about this say the Epi is the better guitar. I do like the looks of the Ibanez AG and the new AGR, not real big on fat hollowbodies - I like the thinner profile ones, but I've heard their pickups are the weak spot and are normally swapped out for something better. I'm just looking for a plug (in) and play deal, not interested in making a project out of it.
One thing Epiphone does well, and has always done well, is build hollow body guitars. Go for that Joe Pass
My only contact with a Joe Pass was a used model at Guitar Center. I couldn't get it to stay in tune at ALL, and that was just trying to get it IN tune.

I currently own a couple Ibanez guitars (one semi-hollow, one full hollow) that I love. The pickups on the full hollowbody seem fine to me. The other one I bought without pickups so I have no idea how those would have been.

To be fair, I did try an Ibanez full hollowbody at the same Guitar Center as the Joe Pass that also sucked bigtime, so maybe they just had the junk guitars on hand when I was looking.