So basicly I have a budget of about £500
I prefer Stratocasters
I prefer the tones of John mayer for clean sort of stuff
And Stevie Ray Vaughan for more gritty blues rock

I'm looking for opinions on guitars and amps really

For Amps I've been leaning towards a Fender blues Junior

And for guitars I don't know if it was just that one guitar but the Made in Mexico strat was garbage, worse than my squier strat.

so yeah opinions on fender blues junior and other amps and guitars suitable for blues .
some squier ( my idea) like classic vibe , deluxe , vin. mod. is better than some MIA strats... dont buy guıtar by name

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Quote by vaca11
some squier ( my idea) like classic vibe , deluxe , vin. mod. is better than some MIA strats... dont buy guıtar by name

perhaps if it was the Best Squier Ever vs the Worst Amercan Fender you could find. don't get me wrong Squier makes decent guitars to a price point and some of them are really good.

OP you probably just played a crap MIM strat it happens. there are many out there that are great guitars. since you obviously want the Fender sound then you pretty much need a Fender (at least at the price you are taking.) the blues jr is a good amp if that is all you want out of it. perhaps you might give a Peavey Valveking a try. dedent clean channel and it has more than enough gain to get SRV type tones. bear in mind that either amp will only get you kinda close as Mayer and SRV use (d) far better equipment plus some studio magic to get their signature tones.
Strat+Blues Jr.+turn bass up and turn mids down(small cabinet and needs more scooped cleans)+tubescreamer(for gritty SRV overdrive). That will get in the ballpark, but it's obviously not going to be exact.
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Ya I've played some really great MIM strats before and if you can pick a good one it can be tough to tell the differences to a mia (unless your a corksniffer ) And as for the blues junior I've really wanted to try it, and this guy did a really good cover of texas flood with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOHJ9SRrDT4&feature=related
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