Hey guys Just looking for advice, I have a Black Squier strat Made in indonesia in 2005 i think

Presumably an Alder Body, it has a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and it plays really great, the only thing is it doesn't sound that great

Things I've been considering and would like some advice on

1) Is a squier Alder body good enough for whatever I put in it, Ie is the body any good

2) Is it worth changing out the pickups

3) Is it worth changing the electronics with the pickups

4) Is there any way to buy a fixed strat bridge that is still a string through body design but with no whammy bar hole and secured at both ends ?

Would all this get me a guitar that is decent and worth the money

upon trying made in mexican fenders I wasnt impressed with the build quality or playability but could tell the pickups and therefore sound was better, with this guitar is it worth upgrading the sound because the playablity is already there?

thanks in advance I appreciate this is a long post.
Definitely, I'm upgrading mine soon, it's a 2006 Affinity with a maple neck and two-tone sunburst, Alder body. I'm getting a black H/H pickguard and chrome knobs and pickup rings and I'm putting the stock QM1/QM2 set from my Ibanez S1220 in it, it's gonna be a beast. After all, if you already like the feel of your guitar, if you mod it to change the sound it's not going to alter the feel and you'll end up with a guitar that's unique and that you love.
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1 - Usually the body is agathis on a Squier, which is in the alder family, it's just a little more dull sounding. I've only been able to tell the difference recently and it's not that big.

2 - Yes. I switched out the stock Squier pickups on my Strat with Fender Custom Shop '69s and I love it.

3 - Yes. I always do this when I switch out pickups for the first time (I assume you mean pots/switch/etc. Do it.)

4 - There are a lot of ways you can do this. Search Google (or the forums) for 'how to block Stratocaster bridge'.
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1 - Usually the body is agathis on a Squier, ...

The Squier "Standard" series is usually made of agathis. Affinities are generally alder. Vibes are alder too. Perhaps the Standards are made in Indonesia? The Vibes I've seen have been from India. Deluxes are made of basswood, but I've never come accross one of those in the store, or Vintage Modifieds, either, which are made of cedar, so I don't know where either of those are made. Most Affiinities and Bullets are made in China.
The Indonesian ones from 05 back were agathis, I think. I know mine is.
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As long as you love the neck feel/playability, it'll be worth upgrading. I wouldn't be too concerned about Agathis, which is supposed to have similar tonal characteristic as Mahogany.

In addition to upgrading the electronics and PUs, I'd do the star grounding and shielding: http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/shield3.php

To block the trem, do something like this:

is it a real wood Squier(Mine is a deluxe? I think. Originally cost $199+) Got it used for $50 off someone. Or is it one of the plywood ones. if its true solid wood with a decent neck(Some suck, some are great) then sure. Just don't spend top dollar on namebrand parts

Put 120 into it from guitarfetish.com Now I wouldn't trade it for the world. I prefer the neck over my old MIM strat, sounds fantastic.
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OR GFS. They might be cheap, but they sound good for the price
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Affinitys and Bullets are great modding guitars. Only Korean made Squiers from ages ago used plywoo. I'm pretty sure most use real tonewoods. I have an awesome 2008 Affinity that I plan on improving with either a Seymour Duncan JB or some Fender American standard pickups (from my drummers guitar when he replaces them).
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As long as you like the playability and sound of the guitar, the amount it cost in the first place should have no bearing on how much you put into it.

I bought my Affinity on sale for about $100 and put about another $400+ in it including:

$100 - Pro setup (neck needed shimming)
$50 - Duncan Jazz bridge pup from E-bay
$75 - Custom pick guard (diamond plate aluminum; needed custom guard to do HH config)
$75 - Locking tuners (to replace 2 broken Squier cast housings)
$25 - Fender S-1 volume pot (500k w/ 4PDT switch)
$10 - Fender concentric tone pot (500k x 2 since I wired it for 2 vol & 2 tone controls)
$5 - DiMarzio output jack (holds cable much better than original crap jack)
$25 - Fender Mustang style knobs, including 1 S-1 volume, 1 normal volume, and concentric tone knobs
$25 - Fender Super Switch (4P5T)
$5 - copper shielding tape
$15 - color guitar wiring
$10 - Black tipped whammy bar (to match other controls)
$15 - Tusq graphite string tee
$Free - Duncan Design HB-108 Detonator bridge pup (off my Schecter)
$Free - Routing to fit bucker in neck and superswitch in control cavity
$Free - Fabrication to adopt strat-style S-1 control shaft to Mustang-style knob
$Free - Adapting Fender HH S-1 design to accomodate 2 volume controls

But now it's the guitar I play most; choosing it over an alder MIA strat, a poplar Mustang re-issue, a mahogany Schecter Avenger, a basswood Ibanez 777 re-issue, and a mahogany Ibanez neck-through Xiphos.

So at a little more than $500 total, it's still my cheapest guitar and yet it's my favorite. Just wish it had 22 frets and a 2 point trem so I could easily drop in the bridge off an MIA deluxe strat, with the pop-in bar.