So, I'm recording a lead delay part with a constant up and down picking motion. The problem is that theres just too much of that scratching noise of the pick hitting the strings in the recording. Is there a way to lessen that noise coming through. I have a Schecter Hellraiser with an HD500, recording through garageband.
is the scratching going through the amp or is it being picked up from the strings?

take some treble off if its going through the amp
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Different pick, better technique, or less treble.
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I also record with my HD500, and i just put a noise gate in. Balance the threshold inbetween losing the scratching sound and keeping as much tone as possible.
if any of that fails, you could take away a bit around 1.2kHz if you EQ your tracks when you record them into garageband
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try picking with the pick more parrallel with your strings. the scratching sounds like its just from the pick being on too much of an angle to the strings.
I had that problem a while back. I spent hours with eq, spending time on my technique, using different guitars and string gauges, and a different amp. The only thing that worked for me
was trying different picks