Hey all.

I just picked up a used Peavey TKO 80 for a weekend project. It has a 15 inch, 8 ohm speaker.
It is the same model as the one at this link:

According to the guy I bought it from, the sound has been cutting in and out. Sounds like an input jack problem to me.

Currently I get no sound from either input or the headphone jack.
The power LED lights up when I turn it on, but that's it.

I took the speaker out (not an easy task, as the front grill was held on by the strongest velcro ever made) and checked it's impedance and continuity. It was continuous and measured 6.8 ohms.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to disassemble the amp so I can get a good look at the board. I removed the top mounting screws, but I can only slide the amp about an inch in either direction before the transformer hits the cab.

How the heck am I supposed to get the amp out??
There are no visible screws for baffle removal.

I really dont want to cut a hole in the amp or remove the tolex...

Any help is greatly appreciated.
You shouldn't have to do any damage to the cab. Can you take pictures of the front with the grill off and the back? There must be a way.
Yeah taking off the corners isn't going to do anything...

I'm kinda at a loss. What I though was going to be an easy fix is actually a real headache. Such is life.

I emailed Peavey, maybe there is a trick to this model.

Thanks for the help.
I figured it out. Whoever put the corners on used one ridiculously long screw which was blocking the amp.