I was at practice today and my Peavy 212 kept having the sound go off and on. The green power light would never go of just the sound. The sound would fade out then come back on. What gives, anyone know. Thanks
Loose solder joints heating up, bad connection to speaker, bad power tubes, etc. I'd take it to a tech if you aren't sure what you're doing, not worth killing yourself.
Thanks for the help, I forgot to mention that its a transtube. So no tubes. Guess I need to check the Speaker wires.
Oh ok, and yeah those are just a few things it could be, it could be a number of things much more complicated to fix, but I've had many times when loose connections caused similar things.
Chances are the pots are grimy. Take the pre/poweramp out of the chassis and use some Deoxit on each of the pots. Turn them a few times to work it around in there. It's the same issue mine had. They're old, but they're built pretty solid. Besides, SS are notorious for getting dirty pots...
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Do a google search on peavey 212 sound fading and read what others did about it.
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