hey guys this is a thread for a friend
he's just joined my band and only has a line 6 vetta atm and is looking for a versatile head for gigging and rehearsals
i've helped him so far look at a few obvious options like the peavey jsx/xxx/5150/6505/3120m, Bugera 333xl and 6262 etc but this is just to broaden the horizons mainly
he's after something with a parkway drive-esque sound but something that can cope well with august burns red and it prevails-esque melodic hardcore
obviously a good amount of gain is a must..
he'd be competing against my peavey jsx which is kinda ruining his line 6 vetta atm haha

he's looking for 2nd hand if needs be in the UK so usa/europe isn't an option
£700 or less

i've heard good things about the carvin v3 and the laney vh100r too

if anybody could suggest more models/makes and not just the obvious 5150 6505 that'd be great!


if it helps for the kind of music we play then have a listen on www.facebook.com/hatethefaith
not for spam! just if it helps haha

All the amps in the OP pretty much cover 90% of the amps for metalcore. Suppose you could look into Randall... RM100 and others.

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if it's not possible to choose any other models/makes then feel free to list like the best 3 choices or something, i'd help me narrow it down an awful lot!!!
V3 is great if versatility is your goal, but for straight metalcore and stuff like that 6505/5150. you might as well that everyone in your thread cause thats the only recommendation youll get lol
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