Here's what I want to do:

  • Record some songs with software e.g. amplitube/guitar rig/podfarm

  • Grab an SM57 at a later date and mic my amp up

Budget: up to £150, although tell me if there's some slightly more expensive ones that are much better quality or something I could save and go a little higher if it's really worth it.

also, how can you play audio from multiple programs (youtube, itunes etc) at once whilst using programs like guitar rig?

ty in advanced
The only way to get music in Guitar Rig is to open it up in the actual program itself. Or you can also get a dedicated sound card.
M-Audio Fast Track MKII, perfect for that, no noise, one guitar in, one mic in.

As for playing along.. you would normally run the amp sim as a track effect in a DAW (REAPER is great) so you can just add another track and insert the song, and play along that way

You can play songs in the background, but sometimes you have a bit of trouble as Reaper may want to deal in a different sampling rate or whatever than your itunes does, you can normally fix this by turning the music program/youtube page off and on again, but you normally want to close as many other programs up as you can to free up the CPU

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presonus audiobox. its usb with 2 XLR/ 1/4 jack inputs with midi inputs at the back.the preamps are great on it and its about €140

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Do not get Cubase. I can't get it to run on my laptop and I've tried everything.
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your laptop sucks then... cubase 5 is awesome.

EDIT: sorry, just saw your post on a different thread. Cubase LE4 doesnt run on Win 7.
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If I may hijack the thread a little, can I ask what people think of the Tascam US-144 MkII interface? Seen it around a lot on ebay but have heard mixed things about it.

TS will be interested in this information so hijack is justifiable :p
M-Audio Fast Track MKII & Reaper with free amp VSTs until you get your SM57 (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1131250).
sweet... cheers bro's. was looking at that m audio before. gonna go with that, looks promising