So, I'm changing the strings on my Greco Strat for the second time, first time I had a lot of trouble with the strange, old style tuning pegs, I don't even remember how I managed to do it, so I need your help to not screw up this time.

Here's the pic.

What's the proper way?
theres usually a hole down the center of the peg. put the string end through it like 5/8inches then bend it 90 degrees into the slot. tune up as normal.

put the string through the slot and pull it tight, then wrap the fre end around the post then turn the tuner so that the free end of the string is pinched by the other end of the string winding around the post.

^^ sounds more complicated than it is. im too lazy to find a diagram or something for you.
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Right, you stick the string in the hole and wrap the string to take up the slack then tune. I don't remember if you cut the string to a length first tho.
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Should there be a hole on the other side of the tuner? Because on my guitar doesn't have them, there are only metal boxes so the string won't be able to come out on the other end...how should i do it then?
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bump, help please!
Ok it was abosulutely impossible for me to do it, once again. I must be some kind of retard when it comes to changing strings, I ended up changing them in a really, really strange way, I hope they last at least a bit.