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I have a high appreciation for fuzzed-out, heavy as ****, Stoner/Sludge/Doom metal music. I play guitar and it's my favorite style of music to play but, I am unsatisfied with my current amp/tone. I want to start a band soon and I only have a 35 watt, Solid-State, Orange amp and it obviously won't do what I need it to do for gigs. I also have the amazing pedal known as the "Boss Hyper-Fuzz FZ2" and it is just great. It can easily give me the Electric Wizard tone I am going for but, the amp can't handle it. I do not believe it is my guitar or pickups because I have DiMarzio Super-Distortion Pick-Ups.

So what I am asking here is, where can a good, cheap, and reliable bass-tube amp (or a guitar amp)? I need a bass-tube amp to get the tone I desire for Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal. I would prefer it to be $400 or less and to be able to play a gig or a semi-large venue. Probably around 30-50 watts for a tube amp I am guessing.

Please help.
You're not going to find anything more than around 5 watts tube for a decent tube amp for that price.

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how about a crate v - 18? its all tube, would it be louder than my 35w solid state?
GC will be having a sale over the 4th bringing the price of a Randall Diavlo down to around $425 for the head, or else boost a Bugera 1990 head. Some bands had used boosted JCM 800s with downtuned guitars.

Valveking Combo at sale also
Peavey Windsor head on sale should be 325 around the 4th.
Bugera V22 or Jet City Amps JCA20.
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How about an SS bass amp? Just a suggestion don't shoot me.

I have a Fender Rumble 25 bass amp and I like what my guitar with the FX pedals sound through it. Certainly handle the bottom end very well.

Of course a tube amp will sound better as I have one. Never tried a tube bass amp though. Hell, I probably would love it.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
I've seen used Orange Tiny Terrors in the $400–$500 range. Combine that with a used cabinet and you'll have something for small shows that can be miced up for bigger ones.
I don't think the TT will handle what he is after.

BlackStart HT 20? Good cleans with nice dirt channel.
The AOR's kick the crap out of both the TT and HT20 in my experience. The bass boost is almost depthy enough for bass guitar, which puts off some people who find it a bit much. They also stock much better cleans than people tend to give them credit for.

For Stoner/Doom, I think the TT comes at a close second with it's raunchy/fuzzy overdrive tones.

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I don't think the TT will handle what he is after.

BlackStart HT 20? Good cleans with nice dirt channel.


Stoner/doom bands all mostly use weird vintage amps no ones heard of, like the Sovtek MIG, Laney AORs, anything made by sunn or ampeg.

Most of its pretty cheap on ebay.

Not forgeting the more expensive orange, matamp, electric amps...

You just need something warm, british sounding, fat and loud. Some obsecure valve bass amp off ebay and a fuzz would probably do it.
used peavey xxx or ultra
used peavey 5150 possibly

He dosnt want an amp to get the tone he has a great pedal for it lol.
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i say go for a Orange TT. i have a DT, and i love it and it gets heavier than hell, throw a little bit of boost in there, and it will burn the house down.
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