I bought a Pork Pie Curly Maple snare with the main intention being for recording use. However, I was between this snare and another, but I bought it to get the deal on the last day of the sale with the intention of coming back to compare them. Since then, I have and I may actually like the other snare (of around the same price) better, though I didn't play much with the tuning of my snare.
My question is, is a metal or wood snare better for recording? I've heard wood is, but I don't know how true that is or how much weight i should put on it. The other drum is a Pork Pie Big Black Brass snare, and its a bit deeper than the other, by about 1/2".

...so, any advice?

I can of course provide more info or description if needed, and thanks for any help.
It depends on the sound you are looking for. Personally, I won't even play with a drummer that has a metal snare. They sound like absolute sh!t to my ears. A lot of metal drummers use them. It's more about what mic's you have and how you use them more than what kind of drum it is
I would choose wood over metal most days, but that's not saying I haven't heard awesome metal snares. There have definitely been some amazing sounding metal snares that were great in certain situations. It really just comes down to what the song calls for.
unless its brass i'll nearly always go with a wood snare. they sound better imo and easier to sound good in a mix as metal snares tend to be very clangy and EQ'ing out out excess ringing can be tricky

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I prefer wood as well, but I am sure its good to have one of both for what ever the situation calls for. I think standardizing a production process is a bad thing. I always try many different combinations and ways to do things to try to get different sounds to figure whats the best. Heck who knows layering the wood snare and metal snare may be a good idea.

Personally if you can only have one I would get wood.
metal snares , tend to have more ring than wood snares , which can help then cut through more in a live situation .

personally i like both for diffentent situations. i tend to sample the snare with the close , overheads and the rooms armed so that i can reiforce the original snare with the blended sample . but if you are completly replacing it it really wont matter much
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