I'm not sure if this would be the right subforum but I figured I'd put this here.

My band has 6-7 demos recorded and wants to get gigging soon. we recorded it using a tascam dr-05 to do all the instruments at once in a sort of "live" recording, then the singer dubbed in his lyrics from home with garage band or some similar software.

I was wondering if this would be good enough quality to use as a demo / upload to our facebook page, or if the quality of it is going to turn people off. I'm more concerned with putting it on the facebook page, because I feel like the quality of it makes us seem unprofessional.

here's one recording we did:

if it isn't good enough what could we do to the recordings we have to make them sound a bit better, short of re-recording them with better equipment.
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Ok its not the BEST recording quality, its not sellable but id say its good enough for a starting band. Certainly wont turn people off of your music, in fact I'm more interested in it. Do you guys have anything on a normal website? (dont send people to the zshare because the adverts kept playing over your song and it was distracting)
we haven't got it started up yet because we haven't decided on a name, but once we do do you want me to send you a link?
you guys are good im not in to that kind of music but i think you got me liking it...and sure this is alright quality i wqould put it up anywhere