id love it if u could check out my stray cats cover let me know wat you think pleeeeeease, only non guitarists and friends have watched they all say they like it but i need some constructive criticism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEnVUaqaomI
bear in mind ive only been playin 2 years really need some pointers
Only two years?!?!
Considering the time frame, age and guitar; I'm impressed!

I recently learned the same tune. I play it using open chords. Lends a much more mellow sound (acoustic) and leaves a bunch of the slide-ey, string buzz behind. Also avoids the "looking at fretboard and singing into the strings" perversion . (BTDT)

AFA tempo/ synchronization....try just singin' the tune and playing along, smakin' the strings on the [emphatic] vocal beat.
Lead likz just need practice.... Lie *I* should talk

just my $.02, FWIW