Hey, I made a short little track that I'm hoping to get some crits on, only goes for a minute and a half but I'm just experimenting with different sounds and effects and that sorta stuff.

It's called Hold On and it's in my profile, if you can, give it a listen with some headphones on because I've been playing around with panning and stereo effects and that sorta stuff...

Anyway, hope someone likes it, C4C as always.
Wow, very ethereal. I feel like there is just one guitar of time but wow! This is very well done!
You have a very good voice, and I like the layering of the vocals. It all feels very professionally done.

Kind of like Brand New. I'd love to hear a full song with that as maybe the chorus.

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Yeah, the first lead guitar riff is off time intentionally just to be a little different, not sure whether it was the greatest idea or not but yeah, it is off time.

I get the Brand New thing a lot, not sure why though since the song sounds nothing like them and I don't sound like Jesse Lacey, but they are one of my favourite bands so there must be influencing me a bit if people seem to mention it haha.
That was...weird. At first I was like, oh, this is kinda cool, until the bass came in with that super fluttery phaser thing, then it was ruined. You should of just left the bass normal, would of cleaned up the mix a whole lot.

The timing was really bad...like, it wasn't even half bar off timing, might want to fix that.

The song kinda gave me a Bloc Party type feel, they do some of this more abstract off beat style music, which I like occasionally.

Sometimes experimenting too much can make a song go over the edge. Just take that phaser bass out, and get your guitars on time, and you'll have a winner.

Thanks for the crit btw.

Thanks for the crit!

I like stuff that's off time to some extent, but I'd advise you to either do it differently or don't do it in this one, cause it just sounds like you don't know what you're doing to be completely honest. I liked the feel in general, it was a really cool piece; sounded like something you could either expand upon or use as an intermission in an album or something. I think it could use some production work, though, things seemed off-balance at times.

I did think it was a cool piece overall, though. I like experimental, weird-sounding stuff like this.
OK HERE WE GO I FEEL LIKE A THOUSAND DREAMS FLYING AROUND IN MY EARS!! I can tell you are excited by this PANNING TECHNIQUE and I will not stand in your way between you and it. YOUR VOICE is the messenger, we have a very beautiful texture now, with many men in my ears bearing THEIR SOULS like they were born to do only that for only me. The mix is decent but not standard! Let's see what happens........

WOW VERY BUMMED IT WAS SO SHORT! : ( ( ( ( (( (( (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

dont worry about things being "off time" or whatever, this is music, this is YOUR FREEDOM! Do not jeopardize your freedom with FEAR OF SOUNDING DIFFERENT

share da luv, bruv!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Thanks for the crit let me hit you back. Really like the chill laid back atmosphere set. However I think theres a bit of an issue regarding regarding the volume on some of the effects especially in the beginning of the vocal section. It seems to be a cool intro song overall and made for that purpose of creating an atmosphere. Vocals were good but a little heavy regarding a certain effect.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
It sounds so muddy and unclear, and i sort of think the vocals are very pitchy. You can't really make out what is going on. I'm sorry but this needs to be reworked.

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