So I just wrote/recorded this in response to the sun being out.

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C4C, just leave a link to the track you want crit on in your post.

Cheers for the crit mate.

Nice track you got cranking here, sounds nice and upbeat/happy, with the harmonized guitars playing a little upbeat track, everything is leveled nicely, nothing bad to say at all about it.

I liked the melodies, everything was at the right volume and I liked the guitar effects you used, perhaps it's a little repetitive but you could definitely use this piece as the basis for a full song or what not, either way I liked it as it is though man, nice work.
I like this recording, the instruments sound tight and the tones are good. The harmonies where one of the guitars does something that sounds like a flurry of note (pull ons, hammer offs?) are nice. I personally would make a bridge section and then another part to the song but that's just me, I prefer longer songs.
it's not my cup of tea but i think its good for what it is!
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Fun listen! Parts of the lead guitar melody sounds like it could be a good vocal line. How about expanding it to intro,verse (sung), solo, verse (sung), outro?
I agree with what Jehannum said. This is a fun song to listen to. Hahaha! Wow, you get some funky sounds out of your guitar. I love it. I know it's a guitar, but it sometimes sounds like a keyboard. That's cool. The driving beat kind of reminds me of Jimmy Eat World. Good stuff.

By the way, I just listened to "Whale Song 1.1." You are one wild dude. Well done. (Thanks for the crit, also.)
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