FS: (Aus) Guitar & bass rig, pedals, amps, cabs, will ship international!

Hi all I'm selling my entire guitar rig & bass rig. Pedals, Amps, Cabs and a Pedal board all for sale. Message me for prices/further details. Photos can be found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshjb85/

I'm located in Brisbane, Australia however international shipping is available on most items so contact me.

Damage Control Timeline (includes original US power as well as a 240VAC power supply to use here)

ClinchFX Pico-Pre (EP3 preamp, small sized version of his EP-PRE)

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Line 6 Verbzilla Reverb

Guyatone SVM5 Mighty Micro Slow Volume (like a souped up Boss Slow Gear)

Barber Tone Press Compressor

B.Y.O.C. Mighty Mouse (great RAT clone, pre-assembled by Axe And You Shall Receive, unpainted - I've taped on the different circuit settings

B.Y.O.C. Overdrive II with MOSFET (tubescreamer 808 clone with MOSFET boost, pre-assembled by Axe And You Shall Receive, this hasn't even been out of the packet!)

Crowther Hot Cake (standard version) Overdrive/Distortion

Digitech Whammy 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (silver, US power supply but you'll need a 240VAC supply to run it here)

Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Tremolo

Gig-FX Stereo Multi Mega Wah (this thing does wah, envelope filter, autowah and can be used a volume pedal, there are two inputs. Stereo input however one input isn't working, I've always just used the other input on it)

Pedal Pad MPS-XL pedalboard (soft case, has some wear on it, had to cut out small section to fit to run a cable through it too. This thing can fit heaps! Also comes with Pedal Pad II power supply and effects bay)

Pedalsnake (20 ft Base snake and pigtails, 4 channel - 1 mono, 2 monos (send/return for FX loops), 1 double power cable, 1 hi voltage power (used it to run the Timeline & Whammy)

ENGL Z-12 MIDI controller (I've been using this with the Revelation, very easy to program in patches and change it with this

Behringer Rack Tuner 1RU

6RU Nova Forge Rack Case (carpeted and fairly light weight)

Ampeg SVT3 Pro Bass Head (USA Made not Chinese)

MI Audio V1 Revelation 60w Head (includes MI Audio footswitch although I haven't used it, previous owner said it didn't work so I was using the ENGL Z-12 instead)

EarCandy 2x12 Guitar Cabinet (Jensen speakers)

Dave Eden D210XST 2x10 Bass Cab