Ok, so this is a short, full fledged acoustic jam, with drums, bass, guitars of course, and mixed to the best of my ability. I used a SM-58 so the leads might sound a tad thin, but I think it works for the song. Possibly the nicest sounding song I've written in a while.

I never thought my Takamine would ever sound this good recorded, but it does.

Take a listen? It's only 1:30 long.

YES IT DOES SOUND THAT GOOD! Your PICKING HAND i find is a bit MONOTONE in it's dynamics but when the BAND KICKS IN that problem seems to be negating. WE ARE NOW FLOATING ON A DREAM WE PROMISED WE WOULD HAVE A YEAR AGO! THIS IS NICE! Ahh a dream recorded in stereo! Some nice little leads in there just movin along! DONT WORRY ABOUT THINGS SOUNDING THIN! LET THINGS SOUND HOW THEY WANNT TO SOUND ! THIS IS A UNIQUE DREAM YOU BROUGHT TO LIFE WOW! I really like the chugga chugga rhythms and how we just keep going. VERY NICE BE PROUD! wow I wanted more

share da luv, bruv!

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I really like this. Very boppy but it sounds good. The lead guitars like you said sounded a bit high pitched and piercing but if that's the best you can get than it's no problem. You should definitely add vocals and make it a full song, but if you do maybe shorten the melody or make it more focused. It sounds a bit like you were just playing random notes on the scale in order to fill space (which may have been the case ). Sounds good!

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