Hey guys ! I really need your help. I picked up up one of these today :


I want to swap out the stock pickups, but I've never owned a semi-hollow before so I'm not sure which pickups would be a good choice.

I usually use the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded set, but I've heard that the JB might be a bit to hot for a semi-hollow.

I play indie rock. A lot of cleans or slight distortion with effects stacked on..

I also play pop/rock/punk, ( Think blink 182, greenday, etc etc ) Since this is my only guitar atm, I need it to be able to handle this type of music as well.

I don't play uber metal... ever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !
Try a pair of Duncan '59s.
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What's wrong with the stock pickups?

You want medium output pickups with that hollow body for what you want to play...Maybe SD SH-11 Custom Custom in the bridge and SD Pearly Gates in the neck, I've always loved that combo for anything not involving metal.
the stock pickups are fine. you should probably try them before you pop for a new guitar.

as for something for punk, really anything will do. most of the bands you mentioned there really didn't care that much about their sound (at least it seems so) when they recorded their landmark albums, so I wouldn't worry about getting spot on. any decent humbucker will work.

also, a set of TV Jones Supertron would be amazing in that guitar
The stock pickups sound a bit muddy when you get into that punk rock territory. They're great for indie rock.
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The stock pickups sound a bit muddy when you get into that punk rock territory. They're great for indie rock.

try really playing with the EQ on your amp first. properly eq-ing your amp is much cheaper than new pickups (I'm familiar with the guitar, roll off the bass on your amp)
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Try a pair of Duncan '59s.

'59 would be perfect in the bridge, but the neck might be a little boomy. Try a PG in the neck and 59 in the bridge.
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I'll mess with the EQ a bit tomorrow. BTW : I have a Peavey classic 30 amp. Which has JUST the right amount of gain for me.

Any other pickup combo's ?

BTW : Theres a bit of string buzz on the lowest strings, do I raise the bridge to correct this ?
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I did a bit of research on the Pickups, I think the problem I'm having may be related to the super low action... Can someone give me an idea on how to raise it...