First up, loving the guitar tones, I feel like the lead guitar should be louder in the mix, and the rhythm guitars need to be turned down a bit.

Digging the feel though, I dig the progression at about 1.28, nice chords for this section.

I think the melodies and what not are great, the lead is nice and some nice playing, the outro is excellent, digging the tones and everything that's happening there.

My only crit would be that I'd prefer there to be more bass present in the mix, I couldn't really hear it a whole lot.

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OK HERE WE GO! A nice chorusy gootar. Nice chords,m I EXPECT SOME EMOTION! The LEAD GUITAR brings in some pleasant NON STANDARD NOTES. The band kicks in and I could have liked a little more bass to help things groove along. OVERALL GOOD WORK. You are representing yourself. Your phrasing is similiar to many, but STARTING TO BECOME A UNIQUE VOICE. KEEP WORKING ON YOURSELF!

share da luv, bruv!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
- Guitar intro's sticky. I like.
- Bass guitar sounds shadowed. Could use some sunshine.
- It is a tasty fusion of jazz/funk. "Junk?" "Fazz?"
- Slick audio quality, sans bass.
- Real drummer? Sounds like it. Either way, the drums are subdued and sublime. That's nice.
- Intelligent use of feedback.
- Guitar solo sounds hairy and infected. Cool.

Tight song, G. Me likey. Thumbs up.
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Thanks, guys. Yeah, I'll admit I could stand to work on the bass tone more, but by the time I got to it, I just wanted something to hold the bottom end together. I'll work with it sometime, see how it goes. What do you mean by "shadowed", though? Needs to be a little brighter or what?

Funny thing is, all the solo tone is a patch on my rp1000 that I set up for heavy stuff, where I just messes with settings on the guitar itself until it sounded right. I'm liking this patch more and more.