So I got an idea. I read in an interview that Robbie Merrill (Godsmack bassist) uses fingerpicks to give the sound of a pick but played fingerstyle. Have any of you tried this before? I'm thinking about trying it since i like the feel of fingerstyle but the sound of a pick.
When I'm searching for the sharper sound of pick with the plucking technic I just go strumming at the lower of the string just next to the bridge, the sound is almost the same as a pick and still you can use different sound during the same song by adjusting the height where you play. Picks are good for rolling sound by alternating, but everything else can be done by plucking, so using fingerpick would just take you time to learn a new technic while you don't need it. In my opinion, if you're searching for a pick sound while plucking: play near the bridge. I believe that's better, but still that's only my opinion, you can try it, if you do, post about how it feel, maybe I'll give it a try
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using finger picks would still be fingerstyle technique. you don't need to learn any new technique
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rick grech the bassist from blind faith i think was the first rock bassist to do that

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yes iv tried i didnt notice any style differences rlly but im also used to fingerpicks from guitar. i went back to straight fingers because i prefer the tone.
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I've grown my fingernails out to do the same thing, instead of using fingerpicks. I do have some alaska piks on order, as you need to grow fingernails fairly long and they will break occasionally. It does sound like a pick, and it's almost identical to playing fingerstyle. It does limit how much you slap, as popping the strings pull on your fingernails.
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using finger picks would still be fingerstyle technique. you don't need to learn any new technique

True, but it does take quite a bit of getting used to plus you can't tap or pop strings.
that is true, but most guys won't need to tap ever, and a lot won't need to slap for most songs. especially in songs that require a picked tone.
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I used to play banjo. Using finger picks is completely new compared with fingers and I never made the transition, it feels really clumsy. Give it a go though.

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