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I'm a new member so please forgive me, I'm sure this has been asked a few times before.

I almost saw my Gibson Les Paul studio fall to the ground recently when the strap almost came out at the top. I have a set of schallers on the way and a mate of mine has used the toothpick method to do the back one on his with no problems thus far. I'm not convinced this is safe or necessary, I'm thinking gravity will look after the back one, it's the front one that is a worry and quite a worry considering what I paid for the guitar. The standardones are far from acceptable.

Anyone else just do the top, and leave the back one alone? I don't think its a problem but my mate wants to do the toothpick thing on mine, just seems a bit dodgy to me...

Why the hell isn't gibson selling their guitars with strap locks as standard I wonder? It's the only flaw in an otherwise brilliant instrument. And I wonder why a company like shaller don't take advantage of this and do a les paul pair of locks, they'd sell a million....
well if you do only one strap lock, and the other toothpick method fails, u can guarantee which way you guitars going to fall.....just install both locks
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The screws that came with the schaller locks were too small to fit in the hole drilled by the Epi screws in my LP custom. I used flat tooth picks, a couple in each hole, then screwed in the schaller screws and they're in there tight. The pressure should keep them in very well.

EDit: use both locks as well. There's no point in only using one.

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Dunlop Straplocks are the way to go for Gibbys. The screws are big enough that you don't need to toothpick it.
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