Hey everyone, I've rarely been showing my new work in this section, since I record everything, I usually just post in the Original Recording's section but, I missed the prejudice against a genre that well deserves it.

I wrote this song, heavily influenced by All Shall Perish, it was kind of my mindset, and I think I hit it at a few certain points.


As in, I want to know what you guys think, if I should continue, maybe introduce a new section/variate another one (Though I think I variated most of them) or just end close to here.
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Yes, poop.
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If you're gonna write deathcore, All Shall Perish is definitely a good place to draw inspiration from. And this is definitely a cut or two (or three) above the average metalcore pieces that pop up on this forum.

I want to be more critical, but this is deathcore at its finest. Sure, you can spot bits of cliche's here and there, but it's not so unoriginal and bland as to turn the listener off. You could very easily have a finished piece if you just resolve that last chord section. It does me good to hear new deathcore songs that doesn't bore the piss out of me for once.

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This is definitely a cut or two (or three) above the average metalcore pieces that pop up on this forum.

Couldn't agree more. While the generic deathcore is obviously there you present in a way that isn't mind numbingly boring. You introduce fresh ideas of your own and nice melodic sections to make it more original. It's also very polished which also helps. Looking forward to hearing the rest.
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Thanks guys, I was really hoping to bring some more creative structure to the table, since It's very hard to get a deathcore sound in different keys, I experimented with a normal key, but was hoping that the structure and feel of it would make it stand out.

I'm going to keep writing in this vein of -core since I've realized I get lazy, and that spawns generic mediocrity.

Yes, poop.