Hey! I think i only posted here once or twice, but im back because i got some new stuff today.

I'll start with my guitars.
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Ibanez Toneblaster 100H head
Crate Flexwave 412 cab
Crate v50 tube combo

Line 6 looper pedal/multieffects
Ds1 (i got it for free)

I also got the Line 6 Relay G90 today, because as im gigging a lot lately, and touring with my band this summer, it will really make things easier.

Right now im using the tele as my main guitar, and strat for a backup, running into my ibanez head and crate cab with the wireless.

I know the head is kind of shitty honestly, and it will soon be replaced with a peavey 6505 head, but for a while the cab will stay. Please let me know what you think of this rig/gear set up. Keep in mind, im still super young, and dont have the money to get all the gear i wish i had.
i think its a decent gig
youre already replacing the head

the ds1 and maybe the multieffect are the only things i dont like about it

mostly casue i dont like multieffects or the ds1 but overall a good rig
Glad to hear you're replacing the head, but try and replace the cab with a decent 2x12 if you can.
Seems pretty alright. As someone above said, (and you yourself), the head and the DS1. Get a decent overdrive pedal, like a Maxon OD-808 or a Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive (for example) and experience the wonders it'll do for your rig.

Never heard a Tele into a 6505 before though :P Metal?
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Quote by GS LEAD 5
^Yeah, 412's are a bitch to move. My 115 combo is giving me enough problems, what with a weight of 81 pounds aw well, at least it has wheels

I know how that goes, I have a (half-empty) oversized 215.
I don't understand how a 4x12 is a bitch to move. Out of all the configurations I've had, 4x12 cabs are by far the easiest piece of gear to move. Casters on the bottom and side handles. You don't have to bend over to pick it up like you do a 2x12, because the handles are right there. My cab feels almost weightless when I'm carrying it, not even using the casters. It's a lot easier to move than my head even.

OT: As said, very giggable rig. Cab isn't the greatest, but honestly that won't matter a whole lot in a live setting. Tone more or less goes to shit depending on where you play. Guitars look like gigworthy workhorses.

The only thing I'd suggest besides a new cab (if/when it's affordable) would be to get rid of the DS-1, and get a cheap OD like a Digitech Bad Monkey, a Ibanez TS7 or a Boss SD-1. Also, you'll need a noise suppressor for the 6505 if you don't have one. I highly recommend the Boss NS-2 on a budget. It simply cannot be beat for it's price. (Used of course).
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The first thing you should be concentrating on after upgrading the head is getting a new cab asap.
I'd love to hear what the Fulltone OCD can do for your Tele's tone (I love Teles). Maybe look into that if you want some extra OD. Also IMHO my experience with a a wireless system was a negative one. I found that the convenience is outweighed by the way it alters your tone. Plus, unless your entire band is mic'd and monitored you're probably not venturing too far away from your amp on stage or you risk having trouble hearing yourself which leads to mistakes.
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It is a diecent gigable rig. but afet tha new head look for a diecent cab. Avatar makes some really good cabs for cheap.
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yeah i agree. size, transportation etc, i see almost no reason for a 4x12. if you have enough power coming through it, a 2x12 will put out enough sound for you and the crowd, and if you mic an amp cab has pretty much no effect besides the specific speaker that is being miced (isuppose cab effects sound...but you get what im saying. you mic 1 speaker not 4).

only thing is, 6505 is a full size head and how would you put it on the 2x12? see my ideal setup is a small yet powerful head like a lunchbox style, 30-50 watt like a dr. z or a carvin v3m and put the 2x12 VERTICAL, so 1 speaker is about waist level. the micro head will still sit on a vertical 2x12.

i guess that setup would depending on the size of a 2x12. the goal of this would be to get a speaker as high off the ground as possible.

but if you are running full size heads, i guess that 4x12 is good to perch that sucker on.