What sections would you suggest dividing practice time into. And how long would I spend on each I probably play 4-6 hours a day if that helps. If you could show how you divide your practice times or whatever that would be great.

Nate Savage has a nice simple practice plan that you can download for free, just sign up for his free lessons. They can be don in 20, 40 or 60 minute blocks...:


At the moment I am using another free one from Jamie Andreas, which I really like:


I believe in doing 15-20 minute quality concentrated sessions and then resting for a bit.

Half of your practice should be about perfecting the smallest parts of your playing without mistakes e.g. playing a two note sweep or a picking technique. If you practice slowly and 'perfectly' and try to avoid mistakes, then sleep on it, your brain will process the practice and you will find the next day you play that exercise much better.

The other half of your practice should be 'performing' a song from beginning to finish and not worrying about whether you make mistakes or not.

I also do believe in the 80/20 rule.
From a guitar website blurb:

'The amount of practice you do will effect how much you improve but the quality of your practice is also a deciding factor. By learning to focus your practice on the areas that will make the biggest difference to your playing you will progress faster. The 80/20 rule basically says in this case that 20% of your practice will result in 80% of your improvement. Find the 20% and your guitar playing will begin to rapidly improve.'
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