Hey guys I love my amp, and I didnt want a marshall because VOX have superb clean tones, how ever, i do want to get a heavy/grungey/hard rock tone from it.. Nothing too 'artificial' but here are the ones i had in mind. Guitarist drive? like Jerry Cantrell, Slash maybe a bit of Randy
(P.s. my amp has a tube in it but is also semi solid state *hard to explain* 12AX7 vacuum tube, dual triode)

MI Audio Crunch Box (though doesnt go too heavy)
Blackstar HD Dist-X (or HT- Dual) (though im paying an extra 100 for a tube....)

reccomondations please
Willing to pay $200 AU
also would a TS-9 be good if i just added that on the distortion channell rather than buying a distortion pedal?