I'm after a new set of ECC83 preamp valves for my Laney VC30. One of them's gone microphonic, and I also want to improve the overdriven tone, which is a bit mushy.

So how much does the choice of preamp valve effect the tone (overdriven or otherwise)? and how much can I push the sound of the amp towards marshall tone, or vox? Or is it just a question of how much break up, and slight tonal difference?

On the laney forum someone has listed qualities they've found for all the major valve manufacturers (http://www.laney-posse.co.uk/theposse/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=121&p=1024&hilit), which is an interesting read.

A lot of the valves I can't afford. But I was wandering if I need to get a whole set, or is it the v1 valve on a class A that has the biggest effect? Should I get 1 brilliant tube for the v1 position and more reasonably priced tubes for the v2 and v3?

Any suggestions?
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