Hmm... the infamous Bugera 333xl... I thought people may be somewhat knowledgeable to this amp hopefully :p

Well, my bugera 333xl 212 combo has an impedance switch on it, ranging from 4, 8, and 16 ohms. I was wondering if anyone would know what I should set it to...

Also, if what is the consequence of switching this to an incorrect setting? And is it short term or long term..?
A quick GOOGLE SEARCH of the manual (which you should have done to get this information) suggests that by default it should be set to 16 ohms for the stock speakers... as they are both 8 ohms but are wired in series which makes them 16 ohms in total.


as stated here
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Not being harsh really.. I gave him the information he wanted but stuff like that is easily found with a quick google search..

Don't see the point of people on a forum googling stuff for him
Thanks heaps man, and I appreciate what you mean, its just I read stuff about if there are two speakers than its actually halved and stuff, but I see where you are coming from now, due to the wiring in series, and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to be 100% sure with my amp XD

That being said, if I had a 4 ohm cabinet I also wanted to plug into it, I'm guessing I cant have both the bugera speakers and the 4 ohm cab at the same time then?
Ya, You'd have to disconnect the bugera speakers to have an external 4 ohm cab.

Bugera speakers arent the greatest anyway so depending on the cab you'd probably see a marked improvement on your tone.
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Bugera speakers arent the greatest anyway so depending on the cab you'd probably see a marked improvement on your tone.

I got confused about this once also, I wasn't sure if my cab was wired in series or parallel.
fire impedance

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