I decided to sell my ibanez talman because it's not my cup of tea, but I have no clue how much I should ask for it.

It's a TV650 made in Japan Fujigen 1994. Sadly the body is a little bit damaged (the varnish) and I'm missing the head of my pickup switch.

Can anyone help me?

not mine but same model
I don't know. I bought it from someone who lost his interest in guitar playing. From the ibanez catalogs of 1994 it was in store for $ 680 back then. So I don't know how much it's worth 20 years later
prolly ~$370-$430
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It has a superficial scratch, 2 fingers long, but unnoticeable if you don't look closely and it misses a bit from the 'varnish', size of the head of a bolt..

something like this: (attachment)
ibanez damage.jpg
Damn that is sexy... the pickguard kind of ruins it, though, in my opinion.

You could try seeing if there are any of the same guitar on eBay and then look at what they seem to sell for.
Otherwise start at $450 and see if you can get that. If not, go down in price every few weeks in increments of $25 or $50.
Thanks for the information! I didn't find this model on ebay, that's why I came here.
Hopefully I find the pickselector next time we rehearse