so ive decided Im going to get both a line 6 POD HD 500 and a gibson les paul traditional pro before the years over.

the POD will prolly cost me 550-600$
the les paul will cost me around 2600$

right now i have just over 600$ but have about 1000$ coming my way from family for grad. plus I have a summer full time job.

I am really leaning towards the POD now and the les paul later. or should i get the les paul first and the POD second?

I'm not in need of a guitar, i got 3 others that i use so theres not really a rush. and i have a good amp already.

what would you guys choose?
If you have 3 guitars that work well for you then go for the POD HD.
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ya, im thinking the POD HD first too, a quieter alternative to my 120w tube amp and a ton of effects for the amp if i ever need it