I have an Envoy 110 from about 2003 that I bought used from a guitar shop. I wasn't told much about the amp and they weren't very informative about it. What I know about it is the basics (3 knobs for lead and 3 knobs for clean channels, a knob for reverb and master volume, and a switch for each channel for 'vintage', 'modern', and 'high gain' settings) and it's a transtube 40 watt with a footswitch and headphone jack. It doesn't have a direct output jack to run through a soundboard for recording or live performance, but I was wondering if it would damage the amp-or more-if I ran the amp through a direct box and then to a mixer? Or would it just sound like shit? I used to use the Marshall MG15 my room mate never used, but since he moved out and took it with him, I've gotta make with what I got. I've only used the Envoy for small gigs so I'm not sure what to do about recording with it.
you're going to want to mic it. if you try and run the head straight in its going to sound terrible.
im finding a lot of different looking amps when i google envoy 110, so im not sure which is the exact one you have. so i am not quite sure how you were planning on running it directly to a mixer. the two ways i can think of would be using the speaker output or the headphone output. neither of those will work very well, but in a pinch you could try the headphone out. running the speaker output to a mixer is a bad idea, it will probably overload whatever you run it into since it is a powered signal. the headphone out is made for headphones, and probably wont sound all that good through anything else, but is better than nothing i guess.
^ sticking a $30 shure mic in front of it is going to sound a lot better than the headphone jack