i have a $250 limit and i could use a new amp right now. I play a lot of Metal and hard rock like Motley Crue. what kind is good for that price or lower?
Nothing amazing or new. Depending on how much you play and how much your tone affects you, I'd say save up for a $500 - $1000 amp. You're gonna have the thing for years to come, might as well buy a great one you'll be completely satisfied with rather than a sub-par amp you'll be on the fence with. You can have the greatest guitar in the world with a shitty amp and it still wouldn't sound great. Either way, if that is your price range that you can't change, a decent amp you can get is an older Vox tube model. Bought mine used when I started 3 years ago and still have it now. Around $300 and it gets the job done.
Everything he said.

And if you're playing hair metal, get a Marshall.
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