actually i gotta say i really dig it. i think songwise its pretty good and the recording and mix is pretty decent.

and heres the criticism -
from a production standpoint you could use some better drum synth. also im not sure if the bass was midi or real, which if it was real is not really a positive point. if it was midi, i would suggest a real bass, if it was real then you might wanna spend some time mixing it better. it felt like the guitars needed to come up just a little bit, like the drums and bass were a little too loud for them. the last thing and this is just a personal thing but im a big fan of the "wall of sound" so i might suggest quadruple tracking, adding synth, wider panning, reverb... really anything to fill up the space and make it sound "bigger"

for what its worth i think the songs pretty good and i dig it.

if you wanna crit something on my profile then go for it, its a fairly diverse mix of heavy metal, electronic, industrial, rock and random genres mixed together. its no biggy either way.

Did you make these pictures? They are very beautiful, if you didn't, I think they are sort of contrary to the image I THINK you are trying to have. You have some fun well timed effects! OK THE MUSIC is chuggin along and is very clean and well produced! OH A FUN GUITAR SOLO APPROACHES!! IT'S fun has some pretty unique feelings to it isn't especially boring for the style, is a bit more interesting and not generic. Im with z4Twenny, MAYBE this would benefit from an over all IMPROVED sound. The bass is not STANDARD for the style and feels a TAD WEAK, but if this is YOUR VISION then it is the truth. Either way the solo is a lot of fun that it does! I see dragons fighting now! I admit, I think you could have had GREATER CREATIVE POTENTIAL if you hadn't shine effected EVERYTHING in that video! HOWEVER I REALLY APPRECIATE the fact you went the extra mile on this ! GOOD JOB

Share the luv bruv!!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
This is excellent, very well produced and you obviously have a lot of talent. I love the solo at 1:48, I actually found myself rewinding there to listen again and that is never a bad thing. I'm not overly experienced with re3cording so I can't really crit any of the production aspects, which doesn't leave me with much... Besides, from the sounds of the description this is fantastically produced with your limited resources. Programmed bass? Sounds impressive for being programmed.

The only thing I can really say is the last minute or so is a little bit repetitive, but really... It's just fine. It fits.

I checked out a bunch of your other stuff too, awesome stuff man. Great job!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1455046 <-- If you've got time! =D
Quote by MrMartyMustaine
Programmed bass?

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!! The bass is programmed using midi.. I'd like to change that at some point but for now and being on a budget this will have to do haha.

I appreciate the advice z4... Next track I work on I'll try to go for a bigger sound \m/
Well this sure is shredtastic.

The song itself is pretty intense. The only parts where it felt like it dragged where the bass solo and right towards the end - I was expecting the rythm guitar to at least change up at least a little during the bass solo. As for the ending, I think just a touch of variation in the lead guitar before/during the fade-out (3:55) could make it more interesting. Just something small, like dropping an octave instead of going up on the E-B-D-E figure at the end of the riff. Probably wouldn't work here but maybe you get what I'm going at.

Aside from the drums and bass which have been mentioned, I would've like a somewhat crisper guitar tone, possibly with more mids.

Great job anyway!
Oh man this sounds good. The rhythm is clean and tight. the solo's are very precise, and they go perfectly with the rest of the song. I love the overall approach of the song writing. Very good stuff, keep it up!
This is awesome. Really good recording quality and the song flows very well. Love the solos and the lead starting at 3:25. At times I felt there could be a little more variation in the rhythm as the solos were going. But other than that, not much to criticize. Good job.
I like the song, man. It shows you put it the time so all the ideas blend in fluently. Great job. I wouldn't worry about the drums or the bass really. Those can always be modified later, the guitars are solid.