So my friend and I want to make a metalcore band. I play guitar and he does screaming vocals, so we are looking for another guitarist, bassist and drummer. I say metalcore, but we'd like to mix metalcore and deathcore.

We are both 17 and live in the Leicester area. Not really bothered about a specific age, but similar would be good.

Our favourite bands/main influences are:
-Bring Me the Horizon
-Asking Alexandria
-Miss May I
-Woe, Is Me
-Chelsea Grin.

Here's a LINK to my YT page. It's got some guitar covers and a couple of vocal covers so you can see what we're like. We have some original stuff written and are writing stuff currently.

If anyone is interested, contact me in some way! (Youtube, PM, etc..)

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Try JoinMyBand. I don't mean to advertise, but I had a lot more luck for Leicester than on UG
There's a dozen bands that are looking for exactly the same thing as you on there. Good luck
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